Cimberly Gayle Wee, a research consultant, with extensive government, private and non-profit experience, finds unravelling facts and analyzing data fascinating. Updated with the latest news in business and access to cutting edge technology, she is able to synthesize the important role of history and technology in organizing and presenting data specifically tailored to her client’s needs.

Cimberly’s immense experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative research brings to clients the best of both worlds. A passionate and proactive researcher, she finds it extremely amazing and fun to find the needle in the haystack.

Cimberly has two undergraduate degrees in Humanities with Professional Certificate in Industrial Economics and Communications from the University of Asia and the Pacific and Simon Fraser University respectively. Her education has given her vast understanding on how information, when used efficiently and supported by proper communication can lead to solving problems.

Cimberly’s exceptional discipline and professionalism has led her to be the go-to person for assistance and training.